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Missile Away

Well North Korea just fired it’s missile last night. What a shock.

So I guess Joe was right, Obama is being tested. And if Biden‘s remarks remain true there’s a pretty good chance their response will not be correct.

This puppy has a range of 4,000 miles. Now I don’t think North Korea wants to go to war. Kim Jong-il  loves to strut their might to the world and bluff for usually for further concessions.

But they also have been know to sell technology. Now who do you think would like to buy a missile with a 4,000 mile range.  hmmm…

In response to that 4:00 AM phone call, as released by the White House this morning,

North Korea’s development and proliferation of ballistic missile technology pose a threat to the northeast Asian region and to international peace and security. The launch today of a Taepo-dong 2 missile was a clear violation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1718, which expressly prohibits North Korea from conducting ballistic missile-related activities of any kind. With this provocative act, North Korea has ignored its international obligations, rejected unequivocal calls for restraint, and further isolated itself from the community of nations.

We will immediately consult with our allies in the region, including Japan and the Republic of Korea, and members of the U.N. Security Council to bring this matter before the Council. I urge North Korea to abide fully by the resolutions of the U.N. Security Council and to refrain from further provocative actions.

This stratagy seems to work well with North Korea… let’s keep it up.

Oh and btw, did you see what Michelle was wearing when meeting Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

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Glenn Beck

An Inconvenient Book


Some think he’s silly, some think he’s apocalyptic… I think he’s spot on 90% of the time (and even he wouldn’t want better odds) and he is funny.

Beck’s forte is his take on the absurd. And his material base grows exponentially daily.

He will make you laugh, cry, think and perhaps take action.
As a big believer and proponent of “We the People” he urges you to write your legislatures when the time is right as well as supporting several projects, such as


This and The Real America are must reads for the common sense conservative. Get to know Beck.

An Inconvenient Book

From Publishers Weekly
In this appraisal of America’s woes, conservative TV and talk-radio host Beck (The Real America) lays lighthearted siege to everything that makes the world worse. [P]olitical correctness is the biggest threat this nation faces today, he declares, as it makes us prey for Islamic fundamentalists, renders taboo the roots of our economic troubles (poor people are, in fact, lazy, he argues) and creates rampant distortion in the media. Beck goes paragraph for paragraph with global-warming alarmist Al Gore, merrily slaughtering the sacred cows of the environmentalist crowd. Not sated by the hide of the former vice president, he goes after everything and everyone from poverty to perverts, offering solutions to these and other problems (e.g., the key to success in the capitalist system is to believe in it). While often informative, as in his chapter on global warming, Beck is sometimes tedious, particularly when dealing with

“Glenn Beck shouldn’t be on [the air].” –Al Franken

The above quote should clue you in on just how good Beck is. 

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