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More Flotilla Love

IDF sources said Monday night that new intelligence information obtained in recent days shows that participants of the flotilla planning to break Israel’s sea blockade over the Gaza Strip later this week plan to kill IDF soldiers who board their ships.

According to the information obtained by the IDF, some of the participants have prepared sacks with sulfur, which they plan to pour on the soldiers as they board the vessels.

“This is a chemical weapon, and if poured on a soldier it can paralyze him,” an IDF source told The Jerusalem Post Monday night. “If the sulfur is then lit on fire, the soldier will light up like a torch.”

Well that sounds humanitarian.

The full article from The Jerusalem Post here

Another Flotilla – Another Setup

Well there’s your peace mission. These folks don’t have a clue.
Every point made in this video is a lie, a distortion or a complete lack of knowledge.

It’s no wonder that one of the ships is named “The Audacity of Hope” which comes from a Jeremiah Wright sermon, a blatant Anti-Semite.
Yes, that’s the same Jeremiah Wright that mentored Barack Obama for 17 years and from whom Obama’s book was titled “The Audacity of Hope”.

These people have no understanding of the history and politics of the region and yet the world media will portray the flotilla as a peace mission. And when Israel takes the steps necessary to insure that weapons are not being sent to Hamas they will be portrayed as evil.
Not only are the flakes in this video on board but several journalist will be with the Flotilla as well. I imagine several already have a rough draft of their stories completed.

While the people in this video don’t have a clue, they are just pawns, there are those that know very well what they’re doing.

From the New York Times:

But the real purpose of the flotilla is less to deliver goods and building supplies, which are increasingly available in Gaza now, than to challenge Israel’s control over Gaza’s borders. The American vessel, for example, will not be loaded with any goods. 

 This will not end well.