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It’s Not About Gay Marriage

The debate should not really have been about gay marriage.
It’s the classic liberal position of not having the government involved in marriage at all.
Why did the government get involved:
First it was stopping interracial marriage.
Then is was eugenics (blood test)

noun: eugenics
The science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics. Developed largely by Francis Galton as a method of improving the human race, it fell into disfavor only after the perversion of its doctrines by the Nazis.

The marriage license has a much darker history than the confederate flag. Do some research.

The government should not have the right to tell a bakery it has to bake a cake for a gay marriage. The government should not have the right to tell a minister he must marry two gay people. There are other bakeries and there are other churches or authorized people who will perform the marriage. The government should not have the power to force people to go against their beliefs. We have a first amendment that guarantees a citizens right to have his/her beliefs.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

The American colonies officially required marriages to be registered, but until the mid-19th century, state supreme courts routinely ruled that public cohabitation was sufficient evidence of a valid marriage. By the later part of that century, however, the United States began to nullify common-law marriages and exert more control over who was allowed to marry.

By the 1920s, 38 states prohibited whites from marrying blacks, “mulattos,” Japanese, Chinese, Indians, “Mongolians,” “Malays” or Filipinos.


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The Exclusive Inclusive Club

DiversityYou’ve got to wonder if Mozilla (mitchell) even read her response to Eich’s resignation because a lot of words were used that I don’t think the meaning of is understood.
:  an instance of being composed of differing elements or qualities :  an instance of being diverse <a diversity of opinion>
:the state or fact of being diverse; difference; unlikeness: diversity of opinion.

: covering or including everything
: open to everyone : not limited to certain people

“Mozilla believes both in equality and freedom of speech.”
as long as it is in agreement with their view.

“Our organizational culture reflects diversity and inclusiveness.”
There are those words again.

This is the most hypocritical inane statement I’ve ever read.

…a little background:
Online match-making site OkCupid openly protested the use of the Firefox web browser amid revelations of Eich’s anti-gay stance (NOT anti-gay, he just gave $1,000 on Prop. 8 in support of marriage being defined as between a man and a woman)and offered users links to download several alternatives, affirming its philosophical support of gay marriage and the same-sex couples that make up eight-percent of its business. It stopped short, however, of urging a ban on JavaScript, which Eich invented AND which is  required for the OkCupid website to function.

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