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Mark Steyn Judith Curry and the Climate Change Academic Echo Chamber

As a commentator Mark Steyn has as much if not more than any other in the media. This is a special passion for him and his research into the science and the politics of “climate change” is thorough. Because of his knowledge on this subject he has been asked and testified in front of congress.

The “Craziness” of the Climate Science Echo Chamber

by Mark Steyn

I spent much of Wednesday guest-hosting America’s Number One radio show. You can find a few moments from today’s show here – including a reference to the story of most personal interest to me, the news that the distinguished climate scientist Judith Curry had decided to resign from her position at Georgia Tech :

The superficial reason is that I want to do other things…

The deeper reasons have to do with my growing disenchantment with universities, the academic field of climate science and scientists.

Dr Curry elaborates:

A deciding factor was that I no longer know what to say to students and postdocs regarding how to navigate the CRAZINESS in the field of climate science. Research and other professional activities are professionally rewarded only if they are channeled in certain directions approved by a politicized academic establishment — funding, ease of getting your papers published, getting hired in prestigious positions, appointments to prestigious committees and boards, professional recognition, etc.

How young scientists are to navigate all this is beyond me, and it often becomes a battle of scientific integrity versus career suicide (I have worked through these issues with a number of skeptical young scientists).

By “career suicide”, Dr Curry means that, if you dissent from the Big Climate orthodoxy, thug enforcers like Dr Michael E Mann will take the hockey stick to you until there’s nothing left. As Roger Pielke Jr, another scientist forced out of the field by the climate mullahs, said today :

No one has worked harder than Michael Mann, in public or behind the scenes, to destroy academic careers of those w/ views different than his

Naturally, Mann responded to her resignation with his characteristic gracelessness :

For his part, Mann said climate science would be stronger without Curry. He said she routinely engaged in character attack, “confusionism and denialism” and eroded scientific discussion.

“She has played a particularly pernicious role in the climate change denial campaign, laundering standard denier talking points but appearing to grant them greater authority courtesy of the academic positions she has held and the meager but nonetheless legitimate scientific work that she has published in the past,” he said. “Much of what I have seen from her in recent years is boilerplate climate change denial drivel.”

By “meager” scientific work, he means Judith Curry is the co-editor of The Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences and the co-author of Thermodynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans and a member of the National Research Council’s Climate Research Committee – as opposed to running around falsely claiming to be a Nobel Laureate and playing Jessica Alba’s personal climatologist on a James Cameron crockumentary.

Source: The “Craziness” of the Climate Science Echo Chamber :: SteynOnline

Mark Steyn rebukes democrats in climate hearing: ‘You’re effectively enforcing a state ideology’

At that same hearing:
Tables turned: Scientist Judith Curry and Author Mark Steyn question, school Sen Markey on climate

In the above Sen Markey

To better understand Sen. Markey’s position you need to know who Tom Steyer is.

Another $1.8 million of Steyer’s donations went to CE Action Committee, a second super PAC he founded, which helped elect Democrat Ed Markey of Massachusetts to the Senate in a special election last year. Steyer also gave $5 million to the Democratic Senate Majority PAC.
Billionaire Tom Steyer On Money In Politics, Spending $74 M On The Election

About that 97% consensus:
The Myth of the Climate Change ‘97%’ (Wall Street Journal)

Displaying the Courage to Be Real Scientist


Meet the Climate Realists

Though climate alarmists never tire of demonizing greenhouse gases and “fossil” fuels, hell has no fury equal to the venom they reserve for those maligned as “climate deniers.” “This is treason, and we need to start treating them as traitors,” spat environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. at the 2007 Live Earth Concert at New Jersey’s Giants Stadium. NASA’s James Hansen testified before a congressional committee in 2008 that “CEO’s of fossil energy companies … should be tried for high crimes against humanity and nature.” A 2009 Talking Points Memo article reached bloodthirsty pitch by asking, “At what point do we jail or execute global warming deniers?” Earlier, in 2006, the environmental news magazine Grist wrote that “we should have war crimes trials for these bastards — some sort of climate Nuremberg.”

The smear campaign involves more than mudslinging and threats. In a May Washington Post op-ed, Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island called on the Obama administration to investigate and prosecute the “climate denial network” under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). More recently, New York’s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, ordered an investigation of whether Exxon Mobil has lied to the public and investors about its contribution to global warming. The French government fired its chief meteorologist, Philippe Verdier, after the October release of his book, Climat Investigation, in which he criticizes alarmists in the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for having “taken the world hostage” with misleading and erroneous data.

Likewise, the states of Delaware, Oregon, and Virginia have each muzzled their official climatologists for failing to toe the party line, according to a U.S. Senate Environment & Public Works Committee press release. Patrick Michaels, who holds a Ph.D. in ecological climatology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, declared, “I resigned as Virginia state climatologist because I was told that I could not speak in public on my area of expertise — global warming — as state climatologist. It was impossible to maintain academic freedom with this speech restriction.”

Pundits warn that climate-change skeptics and those who support them will face more political and legal reprisals in the near future. They have reason for concern. As executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, Yvo de Boer announced that those who ignore the urgency of global warming are “nothing less than criminally irresponsible.” And in November Secretary of State John Kerry censured those he claims “put us all at risk” by questioning climate change politics when he said that “we cannot sit idly by and allow them to do that.”

At the heart of the debate is the unsubstantiated claim that humans have transformed a harmless, life-sustaining gas that currently makes up about 0.04 percent of Earth’s atmosphere into a life-threatening pollutant by raising its concentration by around 33 percent over the course of the last century. World-renowned organizations such as the IPCC, NASA, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and even the Vatican say we can, though they lack verifying data, or evidence that such a change would be harmful in any way. Their proof amounts to a supposed 97-percent consensus among climate scientists that humans are destroying the planet with their unquenchable thirst for fossil fuels. This bandwagon fallacy has prompted President Barack Obama to declare the debate “settled” and human-caused climate change to be “a fact” — and to ignore the Constitution, bypass Congress, and enact costly bureaucratic regulations aimed at averting catastrophe.

Who could object to such stamps of authority? You can find a catalog of them at BarackObama.com, where visitors pick their most hated “deniers” and “call them out” by sending an e-mail invoking the 97-percent appeal and tweeting their friends to do the same — a high-tech peer-pressure maneuver. The irony is that many of those climate offenders made the list when they realized Obama & Associates base their 97-percent statistic on a lone 2013 article published in the science journal Environmental Research Letters: “Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic [human-caused] global warming [AGW] in the scientific literature.” The authors did indeed find a 97.1-percent consensus that humans are causing global warming, but only among the remarkably few papers that expressed a position on the subject. (Most of the reviewed literature didn’t.) William Jasper explains at TheNewAmerican.com that “only 65 (yes, 65) of the 12,000+ scientific abstracts” included in the study “can be said to endorse the position that human activity is responsible” for AGW. You disagree that one-half of one percent equals 97 percent? If so, you may be a climate denier, too!

But lest you fear to have joined a radical, lunatic three-percent fringe group, The New American has compiled a short sampling of the tens of thousands of rational and reputable scientists who maintain an unbiased skepticism toward AGW, even at the risk of acquiring the career-jeopardizing slur of “denier.” Meet some climate realists: Click below…

Source: Meet the Climate Realists

The Importance of CO2

Ian Rutherford Plimer (born 12 February 1946) is an Australian geologist, professor emeritus of earth sciences at the University of Melbourne, professor of mining geology at the University of Adelaide and the director of multiple mineral exploration and mining companies. He has published many scientific papers, six books and is one of the co-editors of Encyclopedia of Geology. He has been an outspoken critic of the scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change.

Obama’s Unrelenting Folly

Obama Links Jihad To Global Warming And Second Amendment

December 6, 2016

President Barack Obama linked “climate change” and the Second Amendment to the threat of Islamic terrorism – which he described as “violent extremism” – during a Tuesday address at Macdill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL.

Obama claimed that Islamic terrorism was partly driven by food and water scarcity brought about by anthropogenic global warming. “A changing climate is increasing competition for food and water,” he said of Syria and other Muslim-majority and conflict-ridden failed states.

Source: Obama Links Jihad To Global Warming And Second Amendment | Daily Wire

Climate Change Mask Comes Off

Communist Agenda Behind Climate Change Movement

As PJ Media writes, “The primary message of the People’s Climate Rally was this: Climate change is caused by capitalism, and merely attempting to reform capitalism will not stop global warming; it is impossible to work within the existing system if we want to save the planet. We must replace it with a new social and economic system entirely.”

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