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More Green Job Spin

Did Obama really create 2.7 million jobs in clean energy?

Obama’s clean energy attack ad is below.

The voiceover says,

… while independent watchdogs call this President’s record on ethics unprecedented and America’s clean energy industry, 2.7 mllion jobs and expanding rapidly…

So the ad glibly gives the impression that Obama created 2.7 million jobs. Not so.

The though the ad sources the Brookings Institution for the 2.7 million jobs figure, Brookings actually stated,

The clean economy, which employs some 2.7 million workers, encompasses a significant number of jobs in establishments spread across a diverse group of industries. Though modest in size, the clean economy employs more workers than the fossil fuel industry and bulks larger than bioscience but remains smaller than the IT-producing sectors…

The clean economy grew more slowly in aggregate than the national economy between 2003 and 2010, but newer “cleantech” segments produced explosive job gains and the clean economy outperformed the nation during the recession. Overall, today’s clean economy establishments added half a million jobs between 2003 and 2010, expanding at an annual rate of 3.4 percent. This performance lagged the growth in the national economy, which grew by 4.2 percent annually over the period (if job losses from establishment closings are omitted to make the data comparable)…

So only 500,000 jobs were created during 2003-2010. But Obama didn’t become President until 2009. That means only about 125,000 jobs were created during 2009-2010 — that’s about 4.6% of what Obama’s ad implies.

Also note that “clean energy” jobs lagged growth of non-clean energy jobs.

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The EPA’s Continued Onslaught

These people have virtually lost their minds. I know you’ve heard stories of ridiculous decisions the EPA has made but recently they’ve gone way beyond what anyone would have ever envisioned. For those of us paying attention, we saw the writing on the wall years ago.
These followers of Gaia are dangerous, very dangerous and powerful. They can cripple industry, put people out of jobs and crush the economy all without any real oversight, placing mother earth over mankind.

Their latest crusade of destruction is the sand dune lizard…

Remember the movie “Giant” with Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean. The story of the great Texas oilmen. It was filmed in the part of West Texas known as the Permian Basin, the largest inland petrochemical complex in the United States.

Midland – A little lizard is in the middle of a big controversy. Tonight, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service held public hearing to see what West Texans had to say about their proposal to add the sand dune lizard to the Endangered Species list.

Section 4 of the Endangered Species Act requires species to be listed as endangered or threatened solely on the basis of their biological status and threats to their existence.

 The species that’s currently at the top of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services’ list is the sand dune lizard. One of the main reasons is the impact oil and gas drilling is having on their natural habitat.

 While the Permian Basin is worried about the thousands of jobs that could be lost should this lizard be added to the list, representatives with Fish and Wildlife say they’re job is to stay focused on their main objective.

“I think for us, our mission is to conserve species,” says Michelle Shaughnessy, New Mexico Ecological field office.

The sand dune lizard was put on the endangered species candidate list in 2001, but it wasn’t a priority. Shaughnessy says, “It finally got moved up the list. The threats became worse and in 2008, we received the funding to move forward with the proposed listing. This is where we are now.”

And the fact that they’ve known about this since 2008, was a heated topic at the hearing.  Ward Co. Judge Greg Holly told the panel, “The reality is we just became involved in this process when we became aware of it, and it’s hard for me to understand why if we want the best available science, why don’t we take the time to gather that science.”

 And that led to another topic – a lack of research. “The Fish and Wildlife Service has a reputation of going into these things without having good data,” says Midland man Morris Burns.

And while the oil industry is one of the main concerns, it’s not the only one.  Midland City Councilman Jeffs Sparks took the podium and said, “The City of Midland has secured water rights in Winkler County, and we’ve been working for several years to come up with partnerships with other communities to bring that water to Midland. If you do not allow us to bring our water into town, we’re not only going to not have jobs, we won’t have water. And the endangered species are going to be the people of West Texas.”


To protect the smelt (a small minnow-like fish) in California the EPA recently ordered the irrigation canals shut down resulting in 27,000 farmers being put out of business, higher food prices and a severe reduction to local food production. Much of what was grown in California is now being imported from China and other countries.

California’s Man-Made Drought 

Hydrothermal Vents – 5 Times Greater than Nuclear Power Plants

The Marshall System claims to be the first and only system to unlock the awesome power of deep-ocean hydrothermal vents for energy, mining, and water desalination. The system is completely non-polluting.

Whereas, the largest nuclear power plant in the US has the ability to power 4,000,000 homes, one Marshall System plant could power 20,000,000 homes

Maybe we should take this seriously.
Have you heard much about this? I doubt it, I know I haven’t.

Check out a video here.

Down With Upton!

 This is the guy who outlawed the incandescent bulb and removed millions of acres of federal lands from oil and gas leasing.

FreedomWorks is working to stop this through educating and compiling signatures on a petition to urge members of the House Republican Steering Committee to OPPOSE Fred Upton as chair of the Committee on Energy and Commerce.

As Congress reconvenes and the House GOP eyes its new majority, they first take on some important internal elections to name powerful Committee Chairs. One race is a particular threat. Fred Upton is considered a front-runner to become chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee, where he would dictate the GOP’s legislative policy regarding energy issues such as cap-and-trade, oil drilling, and so-called “green” initiatives.

Please Sign the Petition

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Stop the Moratorium on Jobs and Growth

Map of the northern Gulf of Mexico showing the...
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I received the below from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce today.
It involves another seriously dangerous decision by the Obama administration.
This decision, this moratorium is a blatant attempt to please the far left EcoNazi’s which make up a big part of the Democratic base.
Once again politics supersedes common sense and the private sector free market takes a hit that will impact everyone.
This is the kind of decision that could make you long for the days of $4.00 a gallon gas.

The political pandering from this administration has been one of the few things that has been transparent. From special considerations for the unions to the sleazy suit against Arizona’s immigration law, this administration continues to demonstrate it’s true priorities.


For months, the number one priority in the Gulf of Mexico has been to stop the flow of oil — and ensure ecological restoration following the catastrophic oil spill accident.

However, another serious matter has emerged that will negatively impact the Gulf Coast for years to come.

The Obama Administration has issued a devastating hold on all energy exploration activities in the Gulf of Mexico which will have ripple effects across the entire U.S. economy.

This ban has caused energy producers to begin moving their operations to other countries leaving thousands of workers on the docks.

Already thousands are voicing their opposition to this job killing ban, as seen at last week’s rally against the moratorium. To read more about the outpouring at the Cajundome, click here.

Send a letter to the Administration now and tell them to lift the moratorium on offshore oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.

This drilling moratorium will have a major impact on Gulf Coast families and the economy — threatening to leave more than 10,000 out of work in Louisiana alone if the moratorium continues.

We cannot afford the Administration to neglect thousands of families dependent on energy exploration for jobs for the sake of a political statement.

We must act immediately. Click here to send a letter to the Obama Administration and demand a lift of the moratorium on jobs and growth and allow for the safe exploration of American energy resources.

Bill Miller
Senior Vice President and National Political Director
U.S. Chamber of Commerce