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Utopian Lies

From Plato‘s “Republic”, through Thomas Moores “Utopia” and the various statist writings from the Fabian Socialist, Stalin and Mao one thing is fundamental to all and that is a lie must be told to the populace.
So it’s no wonder that Saul Alinsky wrote the means justify the end and it’s no wonder that the followers of these writings or those hoping to accomplish a similar governing construct accept this as necessary.
It also imparts a status to the statist of ‘expert’, knowing what is best, and because they know better than you the lie is justified.

Watch Jonathan Gruber, one of the principal architects of Obamacare, perfectly illustrate this…

That Pathetic Roberts

Chief Justice John Roberts refuses to grant emergency Obamacare stay

Do you remember back in June 2012 when people attempted to make excuses for Chief Justice John Roberts’ decision to uphold Obamacare by claiming his labeling of the individual mandate as a ‘tax’ was some kind of brilliant political move? Do you remember when those same people claimed the characterization of the mandate as a ‘tax’ would pave the way for lawsuits that would ultimately lead to Obamacare’s repeal?

Well, Chief Justice Roberts just blew that theory out of the water

No one explains it better than Glenn here.